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Popcorn ice cream

Gelato al popcornIngredients:

13,5 fl oz of whipping cream
8,1 fl oz of milk
5,4 fl oz of water
5,7 oz of sugar
6 fist of popcorn


Let’s wear the apron and let’s do this!



Today I'm going to suggest you the recipe of one of the best ice cream flavor I've ever tasted: the popcorn ice cream.

Gelato al popcorn


Prepare the popcorns following the instructions on the box and leave to cool.


Gelato al popcorn


Liquidize the popcorn with the milk.

Gelato al popcorn


Put the water and the sugar in a pan and cook under a low flame until boiling. Keep on the flame for a couple of minute taking care of stirring often. Leave cool the syrup.

Merge the milk and popcorn with the syrup and the whipping cream. Stir well and put everything in your ice cream maker.

Follow the ice cream maker's instructions and... and your ice cream is ready!

Gelato al popcorn


This is an extremely easy recipe but the result is absolutely amazing!